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Субота, 29.02.2020, 05:09
Вітаю Вас Гість | RSS

Івано-Франківський коледж
Львівського національного аграрного університету

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Technological Department

Many poems were composed, many songs were written about bread work. Because we are children of the plowmen.If  not our parents, but our grandparents were the plowmen.Because all are beginning of the land, of the Saint Land, which brings us much anxiety, gladness and happiness.

We should never forget the sacred words which were proclaimed by great Ukrainian writer O.P. Dovzhenko: “Love the land! Love the work on the land, because without it there won’t be happiness for you and your children, and the whole World!”

Technological department of Ivano-Frankivsk College of Lviv National Agrarian University, which were opened in 1993 continue these traditions of Ukrainian people.

The department prepares specialists in specialtyby educational qualification of junior specialist:technologist of processing industry in agriculture, expert in the technology of farming, specialists in Landscape Architecture, technicians-ecologists. Every year we enroll about 100 students.

Also, at our department we prepare the specialists by educational qualification of bachelor in the specialty of "Forestry and Horticulture" and "Ecology, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Use of Nature".

Educational work at technological department is carried out by 42 highly qualified teachers, including 5 candidates of sciences.

For the quality studying at the technological department the best conditions were created. The classes are conducted in modern specialized laboratories and classrooms. Students which study at technological department can receive second economical and juridical education by parallel studying.

During studying at the department students master the modern technologies of growing and processing of crops in the enterprises of public and private ownership, learn to apply effectivelythe energy-efficientecologically clean growing technology, develop projects of planning and landscaping objects of forestry, gather, accumulate and analyze the information with modern computer technology using. Students of the specialty of “Preservation, conservation and processing of fruits and vegetables” receive labour professions: specialist in pickling vegetables category II, laboratory assistant of chemical and bacteriological analysis, specialists in the organization of farming - tractor-driver in agricultural production category "A, C", drivers of vehicles of category "B", “operator of veterinary treatment of animals;specialists of Landscape Architecture - landscapers category II” and technologist-ecologist - laboratory assistant of monitoring of the environment and the operator PC. The students of our department take part in the scientific conferences, acquire skills of research work.

The teachers of technological department cooperate with Institute of agro-industrial production UAAN, department of Agro-technology and Ecology of Lviv National Agrarian University and an auxiliaryenterprise of Ivano-Frankivsk meat factory, S. Melnychuk joint stock company (village Turka, Kolomyya district), Agro-industrial company “Iskra”(village StariKryvotuly, Tysmenytsya district), Regional Sanitary-Epidemiological Station, Center for Standardization and Metrology.

Training practices the students of the department pass at collectible-experimental field, scientific institutions and production departments, and production,technological and undergraduate - in the fields of farms of Institute of Agricultural Production UAAN of Ukraine, Ltd.”Conservatoriya”, OJSC "Ivano-Frankivsk flavoring factory", PE Yager IF, PAF "The owner", Carpathian National Nature Park "Hutsulshchyna", Ivano-Frankivsk State Forestry and Nature Reserve "Gorgan", Ivano-Frankivsk regional state central examination of plant varieties.

Every year the best students are trained abroad - in the United Kingdom, Finland, of Denmark, Switzerland and others.

Many of our graduates work in various sectors of the economy of our country and abroad, 10 graduates of the department are teachers of our college.

Hardworking hands and bright minds is always a place for interesting work.So, my dear young friend, if you decided to work on the native Ukrainian land, to be its master and give joy to people day to day by holy bread, plant trees and ground gardens, carefully protect and preserve it, humbly invite our students' families, because you have made ​​a right choice.

                   Sincerely,head of the department V.Y. Vukhovanets

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