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Субота, 29.02.2020, 05:26
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Івано-Франківський коледж
Львівського національного аграрного університету

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Part-Time Office

In Ivano-Frankivsk LNAU college distance learning founded in 1992. Preparing students for distance learning is carried out by the qualification of junior specialist. (Admission is based on the students complete secondary education or skilled workers).


Part-time form of training allows the student to gain the necessary knowledge base while working in the specialty, to improve their skills.


In addition, training for extramural allows for two-way interaction between student and professional certain level of teaching staff of the institution to exchange theoretical information and practical experience.


Specialists are prepared in the following specialities:


5.05170108 "Storage, preservation and processing of fruit and vegetables"


5.03050801 "Finance and Credit"


5.09010102 "Organization and technology of farming"


5.03040101 "Judicial Department".


5.09010303 "Forestry and Horticulture"


5.04010602 "Applied Ecology"


More than a thousand students received diplomas young expert in distance learning. From 2009 learning process in the correspondence department introduced some elements of credit-modular system of training. Each discipline is a credit scoring, which is estimated at 100.


For distance learning credit scoring is divided into two modules. Module number 1 - module self-study material, which is valued at 40 points and the module number 2 - Module educational-classroom work that is submitted for laboratory examination session, valued at 60 points. Each module is divided in turn into two theoretical (lectures) and practical (laboratory and practical classes, and seminars).


Sincerely, head of department, Krokhmaliuk V.V.

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