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Субота, 29.02.2020, 06:18
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Івано-Франківський коледж
Львівського національного аграрного університету

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Juridical department

Dear students!

Welcomesyou to the legaldepartment of Ivano-Frankivsk College of  Lviv NationalAgrarianUniversity, which is one of the leadingschools of agriculture of Ukraine.It is well known that the welfare of the people directlyrelated to the level of its education.This is especially important today, when Ukraine is under the radicalreformation.In such circumstances, the legal department of the Ivano-Frankivsk College LNAU prepares truly competent professionals who will offer new ideas and build life on a new basis.Force us to this need Ukraine's integration into European and world community.To implement this idea, the educational process is carried out in the Department according to the requirements of credit-module system.For decades, we have formed a high teaching culture, democracy and humanizing of relations between students and teachers, which became the guarantee of this success.

The legal department of its history begins in 1991.At the department created the necessary conditions for studying and recreation. To ensure effective educational process created the necessary physical infrastructure, which includes specific legal disciplines classrooms, lecture halls and computer labs with access to Internet.

After receiving diplomas, graduates can continue their studies in the short term facilities of the 3rd and 4th level of accreditation, with which concluded contracts.For the organization of passing practice by students,weclosely cooperate with judicialand law enforcement authorities, justice and other organizations. The main objective is to practice high-quality practical training graduate.

College graduates receive an additional working profession - the secretary of the head. After college graduates can work: expert on employment, assistant judge of economic court, legal counsel, archivist, inspector of training, secretary of the court sessionclerk of a court, the secretary of the judicial board, state enforcement, judicial manager, inspector of customs, state tax inspector, Inspector of pension payment, the inspector of pensions, inspector of social care.

                   Sincerely,head of the departmentI.P. Buchkovskyy.

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