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Неділя, 28.02.2021, 20:06
Вітаю Вас Гість | RSS

Івано-Франківський коледж
Львівського національного аграрного університету

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Головна | Реєстрація | Вхід
A word to the applicant.

The Ivano-Frankivsk College of Lviv National Agrarian University is one of the leading educational institutions of I-II accreditation of the Carpattian Region, which prepares highly skilled professionals for agriculture, provides effective basic and applied research, is a renowned scientific center of agriculture in our region.


After a long way of development, today the college has its own strong traditions in teaching and educating students, leisure and life. According to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine it is included in the top ten colleges of Ukraine.


Dear friends! If your heart is burning love to the holy Ukrainian land and you want to work for its prosperity, choosing the profession of agronomist or economist, technologist or ecologist engineer, manager or lawyer, we are waiting for you.


If with our efforts to native land was landscaped and protected from environmental disaster to her work only highly qualified professionals, owners and real patriots, it does not cease to give us generous yields, which of course is the key to prosperity in the state, respectively and our personal well-being with you.




Director of Ivano-Frankivsk College LNAU

Honored Worker of Agriculture of Ukraine

Candidate of  Agricultural Science

B.A. Kostyuk

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